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Kid Study Table H3

Kid Study Table H3

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  • Adjustable Countertop Angle
  • Adjustable Table Height
  • Easy Moving
  • Useful Hook on the side
  • Safety Design
  • Organizable Drawer
  • Handle Design for Safe Movement

    Adjustable Countertop Angle

    It is of utmost importance to induce correct posture by adjusting the angle according to the learning activities of children and adolescents who spend a lot of time at the desk. Spending too much time on a flat, horizontal surface causes back and neck pain. By adjusting the angle of the countertop, your child will be able to sit upright, comfortably, while avoiding neck pain and improper posture.


    Adjustable Table Height

    This adjustable height desk allows your child to choose a position that is ideal according to growth body. Proper desk height not only provides comfort but can also help lower risk of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, so that the child’s posture can be correctly while using the desk.


    Easy Moving

    The seats are lined with a double cover and padded with high density elastic sponge to provide maximum comfort and support by minimizing pressure points while sitting.


    Useful Hook on the Side

    The hook on the desk provides a convenient place to hang a bag, earphones, or other accessories so the learning space is kept neat and orderly.


    Safety Design 1: Soft corners

    Rounded corners and soft edge coated designs help ensure kids’ safety and comfort. It is designed to be round and round, so it is safe for children to use.


    Safety Design 2: Anti-Pinch

    Safe grip design to prevent pinching of fingers when the child adjusts the desk angles.


    Safety Design 3: Self-operation

    The angle adjustment method is easy and safe, so children can operate themselves.


    Organizable Drawer

    The organizable drawer provides adequate storage space for stationaries helping to reduce clutter and keep supplies within easy reach.


    Handle Design for Safe Movement

    The non-protruding design of the handle will help eliminate injuries and entanglement of clothing or equipment. The handle is designed to prevent any unwanted movement optimizing safety.